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Chinese apples may reach Indian markets soon

Chinese apples may reach Indian markets soon
Recently China-India Fruit Promotion Conference was organized by the India China Economic and Cultural Council in collaboration with China embassy. The main objective of the conference was to promote Chinese fruits & vegetables in India and also explore business opportunities in the Indian agri sector. Last year in June, Indian gorerment had put a ban on chinese apples and pears. This ban was executed because the Indian National Plant Protection Organiszation (NPPO) detected mealy bugs and fungus on several shipments of Chinese apples and pears.  Meanwhile, China is aggressively promoting the export of their Apples, Peers, and Pomegranate with the Agricultural Trade Promotion Center (ATPC),  under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), with the objectives of developing National Rural Economy, increasing farmers` income and promoting agri-trade. 
The Indian apple market is now under greater pressure because India has announced it’s going to impose additional duty fees on the import of apples from America. There is not a large production of apples in India itself, so to meet its demand, India is dependent on imports.